On a beautiful day by the ocean, Paul the blue penguin and his best friend Tommy the turtle are gathering food for the season. All of a sudden, Paul gets a whiff of an unfamiliar fish smell. Following the smell, Paul and Tommy embark on an adventure that leads them into a nearby Jewish community. There they discover gefilte fish and help themselves to the treat.

Back home, the two friends realize they are in trouble and work together to right their wrongs. Join Paul and Tommy as they learn about Passover traditions and the power of apologizing.

Let’s Be Friends story of four new neighbors, who soon become friends learning about each others religions, Christmas and Hanukkah. This children’s book is a great learning tool juxtaposing the differences between religions and explaining that it’s okay to be different from your friends.

Jews Who Helped Settle the Wild West is a historical overview of the brave men and women who helped found America. Using profiles of important people and places in this exciting period in our nation’s history, author Edwin Radin sheds light on the important role that Judaism played in the taming of the United States.

Gersham is a young scholar who is obsessed with learning the Kabbalah and creating life out of nothingness. But when the Rabbi goes away on his spiritual journey, a disaster takes place.

A golem is born.

It was a beautiful morning in New Zealand. Paul and Penny just welcomed two baby chicks into the world. But later on, they discover that Paul Jr. has only one flipper. What to do? As Jr. grows up, he becomes depressed and is unable to cope with one flipper. Follow Paul, Jr., Tommy, and King Aristotle as Paul Jr. learns that being different is not necessarily a bad thing. Learn how Jr. copes and learns to live and be happy with his disability.

Scouting really changed my life! It gave me direction and taught me new skills. I was able to go places and see things I never thought possible. I was able to achieve goals and accomplish things that I normally wouldn’t have been able to do without my scouting experience. I highly recommend scouting for all boys of age eleven and up. Believe me, you’ll be glad you joined. Here’s to you, Boy Scouts of America.