About the Author

My name is Edwin Radin and I am an author here in the city of Columbus, Ohio. I write stories for children, teens and young adults. My work include the Reluctant Penguin series: The Reluctant Penguin, Love and Ski Jumping, and Flipping Out without a Flipper. Each story teaches children about living life to the fullest and how to cope with a disability. I have also written an autobiography of my 14 years in Scouting called The Troop Clown. A very entertaining and true story. It’s been said that having a granddaughter brought out the writer in me. That’s partly true, but then again I have always loved writing children’s stories and they are loved by all.

I have put out two new books. Gersham and the Golem, a fantasy story which takes place in the mid 18th century. It teaches a little bit about the Kabbalah and then morphs into a keep you on the edge of your seat fantasy. This book was written up in the Columbus Jewish News in May of 2019.

My newest book, Jews who settled the Wild West is a historical overview of the brave men and women who helped found America. Using profiles of important people and places in this exciting period in our nation’s history, I shed light on the important role that Judaism played in the taming of the United States. The book is full of stories and pictures and I know my readers will enjoy this book. A must for all Jews and others wanting to know more about the Wild West.